My First Post

So here it is! My first post. This is my first time doing anything like this so please bare with me as I try and decide what I want this site to be and how I am going to progress.

The Plan

So……. The plan is to use this site as a platform for me to share some of the experience I have gained in the last year whilst starting out as a malware analyst. I’m hoping that by writing about and demonstrating the skills I have learnt, I will be able to both, solidify my knowledge (The best way to learn is to teach) and contribute to the wider cyber security field.

What To Expect

This is the hard part. What do I write about? where do I start? what do people want to read about? As I have only been in this field for around 1 year I am going to start with the basics and slowly build up.

So things i am hoping to be writing about………

  • Where to find resources and guides (other than my own blog)
  • How to set up your own analysis environment
  • Creating you own malware repository
  • Analysing malicious MS Office documents
  • Static and dynamic analysis of executables

I have also recently completed the SANS 610 (Reverse Engineering Malware) course and have my exam in a couple of months so I will be reviewing the course and sharing my experience of the accreditation process.


I am hoping to get started straight away and will have a post up around Friday, then a new post up roughly every week.

If you have any suggestions on topics that you would find interesting send me a message @malware_phobia or comment below and i will do my best to get something up.

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